What It Means To Be A Christian — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard The life of a true Christian is filled with change. We learn where we are weak and try to be better. It’s kind of like a never-ending home improvement project. There will always be areas of our spiritual walk with God that could be better. Because this is the […]Continue reading “What It Means To Be A Christian — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

Simulcasting your live stream — Dennis Washington

Do you want to live stream to multiple destinations but don’t have the hardware and/or the internet connection speed to make it happen? The good news is that you have options. What is Simulcasting Simulcasting is simply a simultaneous broadcast distribution. Think of it like a splitter: one video goes into the splitter, with two… viaContinue reading “Simulcasting your live stream — Dennis Washington”

God’s Spiritual Stimulus Plan — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard Many Americans have recently been recipients of a stimulus check. Quite a few have taken that and made some big purchases or padded a savings account or used it for much-needed relief. Whether or not this stimulus was an economically sound decision, most have seen it as a well-timed […]Continue reading “God’s Spiritual Stimulus Plan — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

The Curious Case Of The Caratinga Cow — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail Dale Pollard We know that tomorrow isn’t promised and we also understand that, unless God comes first, everyone will die one day. With that being said, I am almost 100% certain that nobody reading this will pass from this life after having a cow fall through your roof. The “steaks” […] viaContinue reading “The Curious Case Of The Caratinga Cow — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

Elders Who Shepherd — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Monday’s Column: Neal at the Cross Neal Pollard There was a problem with the shepherds of Ezekiel’s day. They tended to their own needs, but not the flock’s (34:2-3). There were tangible needs and problems, but these shepherds sinned by omission (34:4). The sheep were scattered and these shepherds did not work to get them […]Continue reading “Elders Who Shepherd — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

The Right Perspective — Looking at All Things Biblically

https://video.wordpress.com/embed/3pW6aLU0?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 If we’re going to live happy, successful lives, we need the right perspective. If you would like to see some of our other daily devotionals, please check out the YouTube channel for the New York Avenue church of Christ. via The Right Perspective — Looking at All Things Biblically

“Schrodinger’s Spring”​ — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Friday’s Column: Supplemental Strength Brent Pollard This has been a beautiful spring. I cannot recall a time in recent memory when I’ve noted so many dogwood flowers in the trees. Our daffodils have been more prolific as well. There is phlox and violets blooming throughout the yard. Since I know that it is through nature […]Continue reading ““Schrodinger’s Spring”​ — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”