On Entitlement — Gospel Traveler

On Entitlement Sermon Preached by Joshua Dykes at the Swartz Creek Church of Christ on Oct. 23rd, 2022 Good evening! I hope all of you have had a great Sunday thus far – it has been a while since I had last preached a sermon here because of all the traveling that I have had […]Continue reading “On Entitlement — Gospel Traveler”

The Empathetic Truth — Gospel Traveler

The Empathetic Truth: John 8:1-11 Sermon written and preached by Joshua Dykes Good evening! I hope all of you have had an encouraging day of worship today. It is hard to believe that next week I would have been living here in Michigan for one year. I am very thankful for this congregation, its leadership, […]Continue reading “The Empathetic Truth — Gospel Traveler”