Dominion of the Law (Romans 7:1-6) —

Romans 7:1-6 I. Dominion of the law (7:1) A. Law is imposed on living men—not dead men B. “The law” in this context is not civil law but the Law of Moses II. The illustration: marriage (7:2-3) A. This is not an in-depth discussion of marriage, or of divorce and remarriage (Matthew 19:1-9) B. The […]Continue reading “Dominion of the Law (Romans 7:1-6) —”

What Kind of Soil Are You? (Mark 4:1-20) —

Mark 4:1-20 I. Jesus “taught them many things by parables” A. The parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-9) B. The purpose of parables (Mark 4:10-13; cf. Isaiah 6:9-10) C. The seed is the Word (Mark 4:14) II. The wayside (Mark 4:15) A. The hardened heart; opposes truth before it is even spoken B. No heart […]Continue reading “What Kind of Soil Are You? (Mark 4:1-20) —”

Engaged? Or Merely Examining? (Mark 3:7-19) —

Mark 3:7-19 I. The engaged (3:7a, 9, 13-19) A. The disciples – genuine followers (3:7a) B. Willing to help any way they could (3:9, 13-15) C. From all walks of life: fishermen, tax collectors, political radicals, and several others about whom we know nothing but their names (3:16-19) II. The examiners (3:7b-8, 10-12) – these […]Continue reading “Engaged? Or Merely Examining? (Mark 3:7-19) —”