2023 Florida College Lectures

Sources Florida College https://www.floridacollege.edu/ Florida College Lectures https://floridacollegelectures.com/ Lecture Books Printed books: https://bookstore.floridacollege.edu/category/46/743/Lecture-Books/?subcategory=Lecture%2BBooks PDF Files: https://palms.floridacollege.edu/fclecturebooks/ Logos Bible Software: Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) (38 vols.)

How to Avoid Being a Critic — Looking at All Things Biblically

Complaining is one aspect of human communication. We do it for lots of reasons. We might have a general dissatisfaction with life for no particularly important reason. Then again, we could be the target of someone else’s malice. We might be innocent bystanders caught up in another person’s problems, or the victim of some other […]Continue reading “How to Avoid Being a Critic — Looking at All Things Biblically”

Little Choices — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail  Around 6,000 years ago a single snowflake was drifting through the sky.  As it crystallizes more snowflakes latch on until it becomes too heavy and gravity takes this small mass of snow to the ground.  For generations snow would fall in this particular region of the world. Eventually layers of ice […]Continue reading “Little Choices — The Preacher Pollard Blog”