The Long Road Back — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Monday’s Column: Neal At The Cross Neal Pollard The book of Ezra begins by referring to God’s Word by Jeremiah’s mouth. That fulfillment was so important to the Jewish people. The Jews clung to the hope offered by Jeremiah, who foretold, “When seventy years have been completed for Babylon, I will visit you and fulfill […]Continue reading “The Long Road Back — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

Following Instructions — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Saturday’s Column: Learning From Lehman David Chang Have you ever gotten something—maybe a piece of appliance or a new faucet that you needed to assemble or install—and it seemed too simple? You see all of the pieces that came in the box, and you recognize all of it and their functions. Maybe, because it looked […]Continue reading “Following Instructions — The Preacher Pollard Blog”