Paradox — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. This is not intended to be an apologetics article, more like comments on phenomena we don’t fully understand presented as food-for-thought. We shouldn’t be able to observe the fascinating, terrifying cosmic events known as black holes. They have an event horizon – the […]Continue reading “Paradox — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

The Shots We Don’t Take — Life and Favor (Job 10:12)

By Janelle Pollard On September 11, 1777, Captain Patrick Ferguson faced a decision that would forever change the course of history. He noticed an American officer in the distance riding on horseback into view. Unbeknownst to this officer, he was mere seconds away from potentially being taken out by the best shot in the British […]Continue reading “The Shots We Don’t Take — Life and Favor (Job 10:12)”