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Monday’s Column: Neal At The Cross Neal Pollard My first foreign mission trip was to eastern Ukraine in the Spring of 2002. I returned in 2003, and each time we flew in and out of Kharkiv (which is under siege as I type). We worked with the Bear Valley Bible Institute’s first foreign extension school, […]Continue reading “Remembering — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

If Your Life is Hard to Bear Right Now — Life and Favor (Job 10:12)

By Kathy Pollard Physical suffering Family crisis Financial insecurity Disappointment, grief, anxiety Marriage problems If, for whatever reason, your life is difficult and you have to gear up just to face each new day, remember the tremendous amount of hope you might be giving others.  Those who know you well, and even those who barely know you, […]Continue reading “If Your Life is Hard to Bear Right Now — Life and Favor (Job 10:12)”

Talking About Fear — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Saturday’s Column: Learning From Lehman Travis Harrison The fear I’m talking about is not the kind that tells us be cautious or keeps us from harm, it’s the kind that fills our hearts and minds with doubt, apprehension, and anxiety. When this fear keeps us from doing things that please God, things that he expects […]Continue reading “Talking About Fear — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

Finding Refuge — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Friday’s Column: Brent’s Bent  Brent Pollard There are days when one must turn off the news and go to the prayer closet. Current events sometimes make us uneasy, and the “if-it-bleeds-it-leads” type of yellow journalism permeates the twenty-four-hour news cycle. And while I sit here and write, the big story is the Russian invasion of […]Continue reading “Finding Refuge — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

Knowledgeable Worship — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard Each Sunday, Christians come together to worship our Creator. But before we can properly worship God, we need to know what He wants from us. We can’t just come together and do what we think God would want. There is no guesswork required because God has plainly told us. […]Continue reading “Knowledgeable Worship — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

Paradox — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. This is not intended to be an apologetics article, more like comments on phenomena we don’t fully understand presented as food-for-thought. We shouldn’t be able to observe the fascinating, terrifying cosmic events known as black holes. They have an event horizon – the […]Continue reading “Paradox — The Preacher Pollard Blog”

The Shots We Don’t Take — Life and Favor (Job 10:12)

By Janelle Pollard On September 11, 1777, Captain Patrick Ferguson faced a decision that would forever change the course of history. He noticed an American officer in the distance riding on horseback into view. Unbeknownst to this officer, he was mere seconds away from potentially being taken out by the best shot in the British […]Continue reading “The Shots We Don’t Take — Life and Favor (Job 10:12)”