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From Paul Mays A Capella hymns:

Greetings, friends and brethren. My second CD of original A Cappella teaching hymns called “Hear Our Prayer” has arrived and is available for purchase. Many of you have preordered. I’m grateful. Yours will be the first to ship out. These make great evangelistic tools. Folks who may not be willing to assemble with the church, read a tract, or listen to a recorded sermon may be willing to listen to the doctrine of Christ in teaching hymn format. The interesting nature of this God designed format is that melody, harmony, and rhythm plant the gospel seed in a memorable way. God knew what He was doing when He said “sing, teach, admonish.”

Colossians 3:16

They also make great gifts for Christians! I also have a few copies of “Speak Where the Bible Speaks”, my first CD available. Get them both! These hymns are for the edification of the church, the education of the lost, and the glory of God almighty. 

The track listing:

1. I Can Do All Things 

2. How Has He Called You To Serve 

3. Obedience 

4. I’m Just Ready Lord 

5. No Heartache No Sorrow No Tears 

6. Jesus is Still Saving Souls 

7. One 

8. Hear Our Prayer 

9. All Of Us 

10. I’ll Be In Heaven

11. Use Me Lord 

12. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (John 14:1-6) 

13. All Scripture Is Breathed By God 

14. I Want To Go To Heaven 

15. May God Be Glorified

I would like to think that when you purchase my work you are supporting my very outside of the box ministry. I’m not a located pulpit minister. I do fill-in, travel preach, hold gospel meetings, and singing workshops. I teach the lessons that the hymns teach and then I teach the church to sing those hymns. I provide powerpoints, PDFs, and audio files for learning. The price is whatever you believe my work to be worth. I can take payment via PayPal at:


Or a check or money order made payable to:

Paul Mays

Send mail to Westside Church of Christ 

Attn: Paul Mays 

1705 Starview Dr.

Salem, Virginia 24153

All for His glory! 


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