Is Our Savior Sleeping?  — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail Dale Pollard Have you ever been afraid of your imagination? At times that fear can be so convincing that you truly believe that the worst case scenario is somehow inevitable. Try and make that opening question relevant to your life. Think about a specific event or experience where you were afraid […]Continue reading “Is Our Savior Sleeping?  — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

THE POWER OF HOPE — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Monday’s Column: Neal at the Cross Neal Pollard Have you been struggling with some feelings of hopelessness lately? Whenever we have a hard time seeing the end in sight or we face uncertainty or are exposed to fears and anxieties, it can undermine our determination to have hope. Yet, over a hundred times in Scripture, […]Continue reading “THE POWER OF HOPE — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

Some Perspective, Please! — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Neal Pollard –I have taught a Bible study in the hut of a woman in a jungle village of southeast Asia. She had no furniture and only a couple of cooking vessels and utensils. Her one-room house was thatched in a place that averages an inch or more of rain each week. Her lifestyle reflected […]Continue reading “Some Perspective, Please! — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

Why Do We Sigh? — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Friday’s Column: Supplemental Strength Brent Pollard I was watching a program from Japan in which the protagonist sighed. We can relate to sighing. I know I may find myself sighing quite a bit. (One researcher noted we all sigh about every 5 minutes. 1) In this program, however, another person, walking by, cautioned the protagonist […]Continue reading “Why Do We Sigh? — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

CORONA VIRUS — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard Now that I have your attention… I want you to think about the furthest place you have ever traveled from home. For me, the furthest I have been is Cambodia which is approximately 9,320 miles from where I live in Alabama. There are a lot of places we could […]Continue reading “CORONA VIRUS — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

The Quality That Makes Us Excited For Hard Times — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard Joy is something we’re supposed to have when we go through trials (Jas. 1.3). It’s χαρά, which means, “to experience gladness.” It describes a forward-thinking mentality that says, “Right now isn’t great, but I can learn from this and grow.” Our joy comes from anticipating the ultimate growth we […]Continue reading “The Quality That Makes Us Excited For Hard Times — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”