The Mansion That’s Sliding Off A Cliff — BP’s Fuel For Thought

In 2004, a couple built an incredible mansion. It’s an 8,300-square-foot home with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a massive basement, a bowling ally, a guesthouse, a huge garage, and much more. It even sits near a bluff and provides a beautiful ocean view. The problem is, this house was built on a very sandy cliff […]Continue reading “The Mansion That’s Sliding Off A Cliff — BP’s Fuel For Thought”

The Front Pew — BP’s Fuel For Thought

It can be scary. It can be intimidating. It can seem like a mile’s walk away. That first step can be one of the most difficult. And so when someone makes this decision, it thrills me to no end to see what took place this past Sunday. After an extremely timely lesson on procrastination by […]Continue reading “The Front Pew — BP’s Fuel For Thought”

“THE CHURCH” — Preacherpollard’s Blog

Neal Pollard Did you know that Paul uses the phrase, “the church” nine times in the relatively brief letter to the church at Ephesus? This is a church Paul worked with for three years (Acts 20:18,31). He taught them in person and then he sends this epistle full of teaching (Eph. 1-3) and application (Eph. […]Continue reading ““THE CHURCH” — Preacherpollard’s Blog”

Beneath The Surface — BP’s Fuel For Thought

The Costa Concordia, an Italian cruise ship, was serving dinner to its guests. The cruise had been going perfectly. Then, disaster struck. There was a crash and the ship began taking on water. Before long the enormous ship tipped over onto its side placing everyone in mortal danger. The next few hours were filled with […]Continue reading “Beneath The Surface — BP’s Fuel For Thought”